A kleptomania patient of psychoanalyst Dr. Cara Knight is murdered after a session, stabbed while wearing the doctor’s stolen coat. Police detectives Booth and Harts investigate but Booth bitterly resents the doctor after her father’s testimony led to a killer being institutionalised rather than sent to prison.

The patient’s personal problems are in question until Knight’s secretary is also found brutally murdered. Knight realises she is the murderer’s target, while Booth treats her as a prime suspect. Harts, however, believes her story and they flirt despite the grisly nature of their introduction.

Her mentor, Dr. Andrew Wyke, warns Cara off the affair and co-operate with the police investigation. However, as Booth’s methods become more aggressive, she turns to her colleague, Matt Barrett for support. Harts warns Cara that Barrett is also a suspect in the case, but she takes this as nothing but jealousy and ends her romance with him.

After Dr. Wyke is found murdered, Cara hires her own private investigator to crack the case before the killer strikes again. But what he finds brings the trail too close for comfort…


GENRE Thriller
DIRECTOR Richard Albiston
SCREENWRITER Richard Albiston and Naomi Stromire
CAST tba